What to look for in a travel agent

When you are planning a trip, it can be overwhelming to try and figure out all of the details. Travel agents take care of all of this for you, helping to make sure that your vacation is relaxing and enjoyable. Before working with a travel agent, there are some things that you should look for to ensure that they will meet your needs. Keep reading if this sounds like something that would benefit you or someone else who might be interested in using a travel agent during their next trip.

  1. Vendor Reputation

Don’t just take a travel agent’s word for it when he says he can give you the best deals on cruises, tours, or rental cars. Look him up online. Search his company name plus “complaints” or “reviews.” If there are multiple entries about unsatisfied customers, find out exactly why they felt cheated before signing on the dotted line.

  1. Flexibility

Before choosing a particular vacation package, ask if any components can be adjusted—even slightly—to fit your schedule and budget more closely. For example, is it possible to arrive one day earlier or later? Can you start your tour an hour later on one of the days? Is there a cheaper hotel available on another night?

  1. Insurance

Before you book a package deal:

Ask if it comes with insurance coverage.
If not, see if the travel agent can recommend an affordable policy—or better yet, try to buy one that includes cancellation or baggage loss benefits.
If you want to be even more careful, purchase trip cancellation insurance as well as medical insurance. The latter might be required in certain countries where hospitals are unaffordable for tourists who fall ill during their travels.
You may have to pay extra for this perk, though.

  1. Timely Response

Has your potential travel agent replied within 24 hours of sending them an e-mail? An immediate reply is crucial whenever you have questions about your travel plans and need quick answers before purchasing your plane tickets, booking hotels, signing up for activities, or reserving rental cars. If you do not get prompt responses from the agent, their services are probably subpar, and you should look elsewhere.

  1. Upfront Pricing

Be careful of deep discounts. Travel agents will often offer them to lure customers (and collect a deposit), then tell them that specific components of the trip need to be upgraded later on to make it worthwhile for them. (https://plussreiser.no/) Although this can put more money into their pockets, it may result in hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in additional expenses you were not expecting. (https://plussreiser.no/reisetyper/skoletur-og-studietur)

  1. Social Media Presence

Even if someone is the travel agent around, you still need to check their social media profiles. If you see that they have few likes and posts, his services are probably mediocre. Check out the shape of someone who has thousands (or millions) of followers instead—he may not be the cheapest in town, but you can guarantee that someone with power will hear your interests. (https://plussreiser.no/reisetyper/reise-til-israel)


So make sure to look for a travel agent with a good reputation, flexibility, insurance coverage, timely response, and social media presence. If you keep the details mentioned above in mind as you choose your travel agent, your next trip can be unforgettable.